IntelliPlayer 2.0 by Bill Guthrie (One-Time Special)

Boost Sales & Customers … PASSIVELY!
The Easiest Way to Make Sales, Build Your Email Lists, Look Like a PRO, and Save Cash in the Process … Even Functions With Other People’s Videos

IntelliPlayer 2.0 by Bill Guthrie (One-Time Special)

IntelliPlayer 2.0 by Bill Guthrie (One-Time Special)

IntelliPlayer Click here

IntelliPlayer Features:

  • Add Clickable Contact us to Action to Any YouTube, Vimeo or Amazon S3 Video …
  • Get New Email Subscribers From Including Videos to Your Websites …
  • Embed Code Functions on All Page Builders, WordPress, HTML, and so on.
  • Super Fast Release for Flying start!

Why Is IntelliPlayer So Important To Your Service?

The answer is Basic! YouTube is the best place to host your videos, however its embed code (what goes on your website) is not created for marketers. IntelliPlayer offers you the power to lastly customize the player experience with features that will change ANY video into a Marketing Device!


We created IntelliPlayer to be basic, and it is! Paste a code, drop-and-click editing, as simple as sending out an e-mail. There are also a lot of time-saving fuctions that speed things up!


We could have stopped at YouTube … however why? If you’re a Vimeo user or host your videos on Amazon S3, you too can gain from the awesome features that IntelliPlayer supplies!


IntelliPlayer is a web-based application, which indicates you don’t need to download confusing software or fret about compatibility. You can accesss IntelliPlayer from any internet browser.

Utilizing Intelli Player Offers You the Huge Benefits of YouTube’s Search Traffic & Rankings!

Forget those expensive hosting charges! YouTube is the # 1 video host, the # 2 search engine, and THE location for individuals looking for video-based info. If your videos aren’t there, you’re losing out on TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY!

Intelli Player at a Look

Packed with plenty of sales-generating features, IntelliPlayer will quickly become your new best friend in video marketing!

  • Include Purchase Buttons
  • Calls to Action
  • Easy List Structure
  • Reroute Audiences
  • Video Analytics
  • Player Editor
  • SMS Messaging
  • Mobile Friendly
  • No Code Abilities
  • Fast & Easy

Intelli Player Will TRANSFORM the Way You Utilize Videos

And keep in mind, this works for Other individuals’s Videos too. The videos do not need to be yours to work with IntelliPlayer. Curate videos in your specific niche, include them to your IntelliPlayer account, and embed with your Calls to Action, Opt-ins, and other marketing methods.

Functions Perfectly with YouTube, Vimeo and Amazon S3

” IntelliPlayer is designed for you to maximize your presence in YouTube and Vimeo …”.

Consider IntelliPlayer as your new ON-SITE video player that offers you control and flexibility to produce sales, opt-ins, and crucial metrics. You still need to host your video somewhere– YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3– however we take care of the rest!

Embed ANYWHERE You Normally Would.

” Your new Marketer-Friendly videos can be embedded on ANY page you manage!”.

We built Intelli Player to match exactly what you’re currently doing. Whether you use WordPress or a page-building option, you can embed your improved videos with no issue at all.

Intelli Player is best for:.

  • Sales Videos.
  • Explainer Videos.
  • Item Demos.
  • Connect Videos.
  • ANY VIDEO you place on your site!

Simply grab your IntelliPlayer embed code and drop it where you generally would!

API Integrations with Leading Email Systems.

” Intelli Player speaks the technical language so you don’t have to!”.

We love API combinations, and we have actually made sure to connect the most popular email marketing systems to your account. Simply add your API key and Intelli Player will communicate with your 3rd celebration represent list building. OH– and we’re constantly including new integrations!

Your Video Audiences Will ACT Thanks to.
the IntelliPlayer Video System!

Clickable Calls to Action.

By putting a text-based Call to Action in your video, you will constantly increase the likelihood of your viewer winding up precisely where you want them– taking the action you want!

Clickable Annotations.

Human beings enjoy clicking buttons, so why not give them numerous chances to click right from your video? As with all our CTAs, you define the URL that you want to send individuals to, and we’ll get them there!

List Building Facilitated.

Want to build a list the simple method? Include an opt-in to your videos! Which will get more subscribers: the video WITH an opt-in, or the ones without? We incorporate with all major company too!

Tap to Skype.

Ever wanted to engage a possibility on a personal level without calling initially? Utilize the “Tap to Skype” feature when clicked, their Skype opens and links to yours … pal request on the way!

Customize Thumbnail Covers.

Include text, an image, or both to the beginning of your videos (or someone else’s video). It’s a method to establish a brand or let your viewer know what they will view.

Embed Buy Buttons.

Wish to make a sale directly from a video? (Can anyone say “webinar replay”?) Merely embed the buy button code from your merchant (JVZoo, PayPal, WarriorPro, Zaxaa, and so on).

Tap to Call.

Wish to get the phone ringing? With so much video being taken in on mobile, you can insert a “Tap to Call” icon and the telephone number you wish to your possibility to call. All they have to do it click it. RING RING!

Tap to Email.

You can insert a “Tap to Email” icon that will set off the system’s e-mail customer to open with your defined e-mail address and subject line. Great for those “contact us” moments!

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IntelliPlayer 2.0 – Thank You

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